New Site Who Dis😜

Welcome to the mutha fuckin site biiiitch!

 Upon starting our sex work journey, we had no idea what the end goal was, we honestly didn’t have a goal. However along the way we’ve realized a few things.

  1. Representation was not there for brown lesbians. 
  2. The little that was there (Lesbian content) was either catering to the male gaze or didn’t have any passion in it. 
  3. There are a lot of horrors, stereotypes and stigmas attached to the adult industry, especially for humans who fall into a niche market. 
  4. Laws are changing, credit card companies are removing themselves from adult content association, to an extent the adult industry is being attacked……unfortunately too many things slipped through the cracks and these are now the repercussions of their actions or lack thereof.

With that being said…….We present The title of the website alone should be a clear sign of how we are coming.

Why fucksocietysrules? Cuz that’s exactly what it is. There is a very big difference between rules that were made to keep us all safe and rules that are made to limit who we are. Pleasure is a universal language. Sex is a way that nature itself provides to us not only for procreation but for pleasure. The clitoris was put on the body for one purpose and that is PLEASURE. So that is our business not just sex, fucking or whatever you would like to call it. Is it explicit?  At times yes, but the best way to explain what we are doing here is this……a space that a mom would recommend her child go to for education and a place mom can come for stimulation. But most importantly a space where we won’t get flagged or censored for sharing our art. 

This is just the beginning.